Making History Matter: My Public History Experience

Overview of My Experiences:

Pennsylvania State Archives                                                                   

Supervisor - Kurt Bell                                                                              Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

Messiah College Internship Center                                                           Supervisor - Ranger Melinda Day

Internship Advisor - Michael Blount                                                           Summers 2010 & 2011

Spring 2012 


In looking through this site, you will get a sense of the experiences I have had in the Public History field through internships and jobs.  My Public History career began when I applied for an internship at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.  It was there that I discovered my love for teaching history to the public as I was able to interact with visitors face-to-face in telling them the story of Harpers Ferry's past.  In this intense 12-week experience, I learned in depth how to interpret and demonstrate knowledge I had learned.

This experience later on led to an opportunity to become a Park Guide at Harpers Ferry where I further developed my interpretation skills but also aided in training interns.  My knowledge of Park history and procedure was put to the test as I was instructed to teach these interns everthing that I had learned when I had been in their shoes.  Please see the Harpers Ferry Internship tab above for more information.

My second Public History experience occurred as an intern with the Pennsylvania State Archives where I worked closely with the Digial Archivist.  During this internship, I gained knowledge of how to work with two-dimensional manuscripts and records.  For more information, see the Archives Internship tab above.

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